The Spearhead Management Method is based on the strategic objective to create the culture, skill-set and mindset to embrace changes from within the organization. Select the building blocks from the Spearhead Management Method to enable your organization to celebrate change in our dynamic business world.

The Spearhead Management Method is developed by Dr. med. R. Westerman (Business Psychology and Emotional Competence), Dr. Th. Buss (Organization) and Dr. ir J. Drooghaag (Leadership, Organization, Kaizen, Agile and LEAN).

The four stages and three layers of the Spearhead Management Method will enable the organization to embrace and lead change from within, and focus on delivering customer value with a constant state of change and improvement.

In the first stage of the Spearhead Management Method, our experts perform a Quick-Scan of the organization to understand the challenges and goals.

Each organization faces unique challenges and operates in a unique market with unique products and services. The outcome of the Spearhead Quick-Scan will be as unique as the organization it is made with.

The Spearhead Roadmap is a dynamic overview of goals, challenges and building blocks towards the Spearhead enabled organization. During the following stages, this roadmap will be regularly reviewed and adjusted.

The Spearhead Champions of Change are the owners of their own Spearhead Roadmap in which time, resources and goals are as dynamic as the final goal of the Spearhead transition towards embracing change from within.

The Spearhead Training modules prepare the team for the objectives and goals we set out in the Spearhead Roadmap. The graduates become Spearhead Champions of Change who will lead the organizational transition towards embracing change.

Spearhead Champions of Change follow a clear development plan which aligns their capabilities and needs with the organizational goals.

The Spearhead Champions of Change will lead the organizational changes towards a Spearhead enabled organizations which embraces and celebrates changes. Every organization is unique and will follow a unique roadmap towards their goals.

Embracing change is not a switch or a milestone that will be reached in a single moment. The Spearhead rollout is a transition and the Spearhead Champions of Change can always fallback on the full support of the Spearhead experts with coaching and consulting services.

The Spearhead Tools support the Spearhead Champions of Change throughout the transition.

The Spearhead Tools are the cornerstones of the Spearhead Management Model. The Spearhead Tools in combination with the Spearhead Training modules prepare the Champions of Change to grow Change Leadership from within the organization.

Coaching when the Spearhead Champions of Change need it and with the practical expertise to be the right partner. Our network of coaches is qualified as Champions of Change with hands-on experience in leading transitions and changes at the international corporate stages.

Our Spearhead Consultants guide our clients throughout every stage of the transition towards embracing change and beyond. Each client has unique needs and we have the qualified experts to make the difference our clients need.