The Spearhead Management Training modules are a set of practical resources to develop the skillset and mindset to manage the transition towards an organization that is enabled to embrace and celebrate change. Each Training module is accompanied by a Spearhead Toolkit for practical usage and monitoring of the transitions and needed actions.

Five tools and five training modules, the building blocks to enable every organization to embrace and celebrate change. Supported by consulting and coaching where needed.

Spearhead Management Graduates obtain a lifetime license to use the Spearhead Tools for which they qualified.

The Spearhead Practitioner Training offers practitioner level knowledge into the Spearhead Management Model and the Spearhead Method Chart. Spearhead Practitioners support the transformation towards embracing and celebrating change during daily operations.

It is recommended that at least one practitioner is available in every department or organizational (sub)unit.

The Spearhead Champions of Change embody the transition of the organization by leading the way towards the goals and objectives. Empowered with the Spearhead skillset and mindset, and the required tools, they work towards embracing and celebrating change with full empowerment by the organization and leadership team.

Spearhead Champions of Change carry the torch of Leading Change from within and can fallback on Coaching and Consulting by the Spearhead Management experts.

To be able to embrace and celebrate Change from within, every organization needs to balance empowerment with responsibility, and willingness with ability. Skillset and mindset needs to be aligned, just as much as that is required for motivation and accountability.

The Spearhead Development Planning Training provides the Practitioners and Champions with the necessary skills to drive the organizational changes throughout the transition. From within!

Responsible Agile and Design Thinking are an important part of the Spearhead Model.  The Game Changers of this century have all embraced the Agile Business Management principles in one way or the other. A closer look shows that each of them has created their own variation of Agile Design Thinking and even their own organizational approach to it.

Agile and Design Thinking have their place in the transition towards embracing and celebrating change. And should only be applied where they contribute to success without introducing business risks. Spearhead Agile Training creates the skillset and the mindset to manage and deploy Agile and Design Thinking as business enabler.

Structured Critical Thinking is commonly known as RED Team when it is combined with an organizational acceptance of its importance. Spearhead RED Team Training in combination with the Spearhead RED Team Radar creates the culture, mindset and skillset to implement and benefit from Structured Critical Thinking without losing the high pace of Agile and Design Thinking.

Successful models for innovation and improving customer experiences like Design Thinking and Agile have in common that they help us focus on bringing Business Value in smaller steps. Customer Satisfaction is reached much faster with 10 significant improvements within a year, than with 1 major change after a year.

There is a hidden risk in these approaches which can become a significant business risk. With the focus on market demand and customer satisfaction, and the incentive to search positive feedback throughout the entire lifecycle, we are preprogrammed to lose sight of the Big Picture.

The Spearhead RED Team Radar and the Spearhead RED Team Training are the final stage of the Spearhead Tools and Spearhead Training.